Our Services

Storage and transhipment

Does your company not have enough storage space or do you want to outsource your storage? Then you have come to the right place, mazelogistics offers an all-in-one logistic solution. This means that you have the possibility to stock your goods with us. In our all-in-one service we take care of everything, we come and pick up the goods personally and bring them safely to our warehouse. When the delivery date arrives, we deliver it as quickly and safe possible.

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Packaging of goods

At Mazelogistics you also have the possibility that we pack and/or repack your goods in smaller parts. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our employees, you can be sure that we will pack your goods as efficiently as possible. Is there something specific you want us to do with your goods? Then be sure to let us know in the quotation. Whatever you wish, the entire process of storage, transfer and processing is in good hands with us.

Tailor-made transport

Sometimes, as a company, you need different transport needs than usual. In other cases, you may need a special transport order only once or for a few times. Often, the transport of goods is very specific and diverse: special dimensions, special precautions, unconventional destination or delivery times, you name it. Therefore a ready-made solution is often not enough. At Mazelogistics we always think along with you. All our services can be combined, we carefully analyse your request and find the most suitable solution. You can always contact us without obligation and we will give you our advice without hesitation.

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Special/adr transport

Are you looking for a solution to transport dangerous goods (ADR)? Mazelogistics is your specialist in the safe and careful transport of your dangerous goods. The transport of dangerous goods is subject to strict rules and regulations. This is important because of the high risks which are connected to the transport of dangerous goods. Therefore it is important to choose a reliable partner as Mazelogistics for your ADR transport. We take the risks very seriously and do everything to transport the goods as safe as possible.

Day and night distribution

Mazelogistics takes care of all your logistics: from receiving, packing and stocking the goods to the distribution to the shop or end customer. Both at night and during the day we are ready to distribute your goods in accordance with the agreements made.